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Tales of an Escort

Two Escorts on LeoList: An Insider Scoop on the Backpage Alternative

When Backpage went down in 2018, we did not know where to turn or what to do. And we were not the only ones! So many escorts and clients went through a brief period of flux– although there are some great sites that specialize in advertising escorts, classifieds sites serve a really important function in our career, and Backpage was the most widely used of them all!

LeoList eventually swooped in and took that mantle, and now has become well known as the go-to classified platform for escorts and the clients who are seeking them out… Don’t let looks deceive you, although LeoList is a pretty basic looking site with a relatively bland layout which suggests ads for cars, properties, job boards, and other such common content, this really has become a site for escorts. And, since it made the shift, it has absolutely gained in popularity.

But what is LeoList like? We often get questions asking us about it, and classifieds sites like it. So, in this post, we will let you know what to expect from LeoList!

Is This the Backpage Alternative?

Although the site was not built to be an escort services page, this does not really seem to impede its effectiveness. It is a simple site, nothing is difficult in terms of navigation, and the loading speeds are super fast! You can browse, search, or use filters to get to what you want, or to look through all the potential options waiting for you. Whether you know precisely what you want (as many of you do) or you want to take a peek at some options you have not yet considered, LeoList works for you about as well as any site.

Unfortunately, there are a whole lot of pop-ups. Not all of them are too spammy, but some of them are not the best… It is probably wise to stay on the main site and peruse through the verified ads, rather than redirect yourself to less strictly curated services.
In order to avoid the same fate as Backpage, they do try to disguise the escort element of the site… This is clear when you realize that, to find an escort, you will have to search through categories like “Casual Dating” and “Personals” which include subcategories like “Platonic Friendship.” Not exactly what you would expect to find on your search for an escort, but don’t let this fool you! Escort ads, verified and legitimate, can be found within so many of these subcategories!

We don’t know if they’re tricking anybody by masking these ads and trying to hide their biggest source of income, but that’s their strategy, and it’s not our place or really our priority to judge the way they run their ship. As far as we’re concerned, the site works well for us, so we’re all for LeoList!
The danger is that there is some ambiguity here, and some people may contact you looking for casual sex without pay. Obviously, when we get messages like this, the conversation does not take too long to end, but it is still a bit of an annoyance for us!

Why Does LeoList Need To Take These Measures?

The simple answer is that the escort industry exists within a grey zone of legality. Some wonder if what these sites are doing can be portrayed honestly as legal… It’s not about whether it should be legal (obviously, we think it should be!), it’s more of a matter of public opinion and how that impedes progress with the law.

Our work is not illegal, but advertising sexual services explicitly is illegal. Also complicated for LeoList is that profiting from the sale of sex is also illegal in Canada.

But there is a serious distinction, legally, in terms of escort services and prostitution. And that’s how LeoList must be making their case. Advertising Escort services is totally legal, as is using ad space to sell such services, because, as escorts, we aren’t technically selling sex! We’re selling the pleasure of spending some time with us– who knows where it goes, right?

With all of this in mind, do we recommend LeoList?

Generally… yes!

LeoList isn’t perfect, but they’re doing their best to make it considerably less risky and dangerous, implementing really smart safety policies and procedures. Also, lots of escorts are on LeoList, so that’s a lot of selection for you, and the odds are great that you’ll find what you’re looking for! Despite the boring aesthetics (in our opinion), the site is super easy to use and navigate, with few to zero complications on that end– to us and our clients, even the specificity of the categories and subcategories are super helpful… It’s the little details that really help!

For us, it’s easier to register and verify ourselves with LeoList, but you don’t have to! And it’s super easy for you to contact your escort and establish the terms of your engagement.

In terms of what is less than ideal… We just warn you to steer clear of unverified “escorts” who don’t have photos. These seem really risky and there’s a good chance that there’s some kind of con going on with these ads. Be careful about your information and privacy, too. And, hopefully, they stop having so many pop-ups!
In the end, though, we still appreciate LeoList, and we think you will, too!

Tales of an Escort

These Two’s Top Site: We Are All About (And You Should Join Us)

Update: Due to the fake listings we’ve seen on the site, we no longer recommend Escort Directory, and we now go with

As a couple of career escorts, our task is simple. We consider ourselves lucky to intimately get to know the human body, and be so sensitive to its every urge, want, desire, and pleasure. The sexual body knows intuitively what it feels it needs in the acts of sex, so we should, too. Beyond this, we consider it possible to teach you and your willing, throbbing body a few things regarding the many possibilities of pleasure. Our life as professional escorts manages to stay exciting and enticing because we care about bringing you closer to realizing the wildest dreams in the depths of your sexual appetites…

As escorts, we have a close connection with sexual sensations of men, women, and everybody else. We are not alone in this. Due to organizations like Escort Directory, we have a safe, dependable, exciting resource that connects sex work professionals like us with horny men like you. We know how to seek the subtle sensations for your craziest secret desires to be fulfilled.

We want to talk to you about our positive experiences with Escort Directory, and those that have been shared with our satisfied clientele. We find that there are some odd opinions and a lot of confusion regarding the hiring and booking of online escorts today. We are fully legal companions for your evening, no matter how it ends up. These sites often used to have a hard time with the law, but we continue to learn the best ways to make sure these escort experience remain available to you. That’s part of our duty and we care deeply about maintaining this availability.

In an online scene that seems to be so filled with scams, spam, and unreliable websites, these two are free from all of those problems. Today, despite the amount of misleading and untrustworthy platforms, there these great sites that do everything the right way, and give escorts like us a whole lot of freedom. Escort Directory is absolutely one of these sites, that is why we are so thrilled to write about the site and the experiences it has allowed us to have.

As we have mentioned before– even though we are young and vibrant, we are experienced escorts, and we feel like the internet has the best potential to make sure people like you find girls like us, who are ready to rock the worlds of interested people in as many ways as can possibly be imagined.

What’s To Love About Escort Directory?

How are we supposed to answer this promptly? There is a lot to like about this site, as simple as it may seem.

It’s not a stretch to say that- as far as similar platforms and sites are concerned- Escort Directory is definitely our personal favorite, and it is a favorite of so many of the men we encounter, too.
If you are feeling like having some intimate sexual encounters with escorts like us, sights like

Escort Directory make your satisfaction more convenient than ever.

With all of the great changes to escort services, Escort Directory is a great example of how the industry has embraced all of the new possibilities and made things super convenient, easy, simple, effective, and safe. Escort Directory will lead you to someone like us, or someone well suited to your kinks, fetishes, or simply the tastes your lust longs for. And it does not have to be left up to chance. Escort Directory’s escorts have ways to contact them, so you can discuss what it is you want, and make sure that the escort you choose is the right one for you.

Unlike all of those escort services that are hidden within larger-scale classifieds, Escort Directory states what it is and delivers on that. Escort Directory specializes in being a space to connect you with your ideal escort, and the women, men, shemales, and collection of other diverse types of escort come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and skills. What do you want? We have found that this site is a great option for anybody, whether you want an intimate, in-person encounter or a sexy webcam session. Whether you just want pornographic videos and images or real dating, or even virtual reality, Escort Directory offers a luscious world of more traditional escorts as well as BDSM partners, shemales, MILFs, and more. Broaden your horizons or go for what you know you’ll go crazy for!

Escorts like us are absolutely grateful for sites like this one. Surely, you will be too.

If you have any questions for us, let us know! We look forward to hearing from you- and maybe even meeting you. Until then, have fun out there!

Tales of an Escort

Our Look At Another Premium Escort Service: Why We’re Into Humpchies

We like to use this blog to show some love to the sites which allow us to work under the best conditions out there. We think that it is important for girls like us to meet guys like you in the most low-maintenance, easy, and safe ways possible. Not every escort site can cater to this perfectly– some do better than others. And some do even better than this. Humpchies is one of them.

There are all sorts of reasons to seek sexual pleasure from the modern escort world. Trust us, a whole range of people come to us searching for the sensuous experience they know, deep down, they truly desire, and rarely do they leave our presence disappointed… It’s a living!
But there are surely dangers for the inexperienced escort seeker; online and real-world traps that can easily be avoided should you stay off sketchy sites and stay aware from the wrong kind of resources.

Quebec’s Humpchies is an awesome example of an exceptional escort directory, which allows for fine, dependable advertising and connects you with escorts so perfectly suited to you and your body that you would have never imagined such experience to be possible!

So, just to preface this article, our experience with Humpchies is obviously specific to the time we have spent in Montreal and the many other cities and towns of Quebec. And yet we really can’t help but share our respect for the Humpchies platform. It’s simple, sexy, easy, and effective for the escorts and everyone else involved– like you!

Yes, not everyone can enjoy the splendours of this beautiful province, so this site has a smaller window of potentially interested customers. Realizing this, we still just want to shout out Montreal and Quebec’s best escort service site. If you aren’t there– keep it in mind! When in Rome, right?

Humpchies is fabulous and represents the best of all worlds, even though the locale is pretty centralized. Montreal is a great city for sex workers, and escorts of all stripes love featuring themselves on Humpchies (ourselves included) whenever we happen to drop into French Canada.

As its name suggests, Humpchies really knows what it is there to do. Connecting horny customers to sexy women, men, trans folks, and people of all shapes, sizes, and legal ages. There really are no more bells and whistles than that. The site is good at what it does, too. The website is organized well for those who have either a broad or specific potential interest, and it looks great. More than this, the layout of the site makes it so that it is easy to find your way to precisely what you are hoping to find…

What do you want? Maybe you simply want an Escort for the evening? To browse Escort Agencies? Perhaps you desire an Erotic Massage? BDSM? Whatever you are feeling the temptation to indulge in, there is a way to connect with your online or in-person experience almost instantly. We love specificity- it is best for you to have the opportunity to share precisely what you want and expect before meeting with the escort, and it is also best for us. Humpchies seems to prioritize this, and we really, really appreciate that.

As far the range of selection goes– to put it simply, Humpchies is full of incredibly sexy escorts to pick from. And we all have different skills, talents, and abilities. Many will post their prices, they will all provide all sorts of photos of themselves from all sorts of articles, and many will give information so you can discuss some details in advance to make sure that everything is good to go.

Again, Humpchies is limited to Quebec, but if you are there (or have the opportunity to be there) this is the site you should absolutely be using. We have had nothing but positive experiences so far.

Montreal and Quebec City are not difficult places to find a quality escort. All this being equal, we still find that Humpchies connects you with the best escort for what you, specifically, are seeking- whether they’re male, female, trans, non-binary, or other. Even in the most liberal, free, sexual cities, it is still possible to not only be disappointed by your experience if you are to use a less dependable service and connect with an escort who is not right for you, but also to be caught up in all sorts of scams or unfortunate situations. Humpchies is part of the solution!

Next step, Humpchies… expand internationally! Your approach will be most valued- trust us!