Tales of an Escort

Our Look At Another Premium Escort Service: Why We’re Into Humpchies

We like to use this blog to show some love to the sites which allow us to work under the best conditions out there. We think that it is important for girls like us to meet guys like you in the most low-maintenance, easy, and safe ways possible. Not every escort site can cater to this perfectly– some do better than others. And some do even better than this. Humpchies is one of them.

There are all sorts of reasons to seek sexual pleasure from the modern escort world. Trust us, a whole range of people come to us searching for the sensuous experience they know, deep down, they truly desire, and rarely do they leave our presence disappointed… It’s a living!
But there are surely dangers for the inexperienced escort seeker; online and real-world traps that can easily be avoided should you stay off sketchy sites and stay aware from the wrong kind of resources.

Quebec’s Humpchies is an awesome example of an exceptional escort directory, which allows for fine, dependable advertising and connects you with escorts so perfectly suited to you and your body that you would have never imagined such experience to be possible!

So, just to preface this article, our experience with Humpchies is obviously specific to the time we have spent in Montreal and the many other cities and towns of Quebec. And yet we really can’t help but share our respect for the Humpchies platform. It’s simple, sexy, easy, and effective for the escorts and everyone else involved– like you!

Yes, not everyone can enjoy the splendours of this beautiful province, so this site has a smaller window of potentially interested customers. Realizing this, we still just want to shout out Montreal and Quebec’s best escort service site. If you aren’t there– keep it in mind! When in Rome, right?

Humpchies is fabulous and represents the best of all worlds, even though the locale is pretty centralized. Montreal is a great city for sex workers, and escorts of all stripes love featuring themselves on Humpchies (ourselves included) whenever we happen to drop into French Canada.

As its name suggests, Humpchies really knows what it is there to do. Connecting horny customers to sexy women, men, trans folks, and people of all shapes, sizes, and legal ages. There really are no more bells and whistles than that. The site is good at what it does, too. The website is organized well for those who have either a broad or specific potential interest, and it looks great. More than this, the layout of the site makes it so that it is easy to find your way to precisely what you are hoping to find…

What do you want? Maybe you simply want an Escort for the evening? To browse Escort Agencies? Perhaps you desire an Erotic Massage? BDSM? Whatever you are feeling the temptation to indulge in, there is a way to connect with your online or in-person experience almost instantly. We love specificity- it is best for you to have the opportunity to share precisely what you want and expect before meeting with the escort, and it is also best for us. Humpchies seems to prioritize this, and we really, really appreciate that.

As far the range of selection goes– to put it simply, Humpchies is full of incredibly sexy escorts to pick from. And we all have different skills, talents, and abilities. Many will post their prices, they will all provide all sorts of photos of themselves from all sorts of articles, and many will give information so you can discuss some details in advance to make sure that everything is good to go.

Again, Humpchies is limited to Quebec, but if you are there (or have the opportunity to be there) this is the site you should absolutely be using. We have had nothing but positive experiences so far.

Montreal and Quebec City are not difficult places to find a quality escort. All this being equal, we still find that Humpchies connects you with the best escort for what you, specifically, are seeking- whether they’re male, female, trans, non-binary, or other. Even in the most liberal, free, sexual cities, it is still possible to not only be disappointed by your experience if you are to use a less dependable service and connect with an escort who is not right for you, but also to be caught up in all sorts of scams or unfortunate situations. Humpchies is part of the solution!

Next step, Humpchies… expand internationally! Your approach will be most valued- trust us!