About Me

Or, rather, about “us.”

When we saw the possibilities available to modern-day escorts through the internet, we couldn’t help but give it a shot. We’ve been friends for ages, and always encourage each other to test our boundaries and try new things. What we didn’t expect was to be so invigorated by our lives as escorts. Any thought of giving this up any time soon has been relinquished, and we’re all in!

Are we always together? Not quite.

Dawn has another full-time job and Marra is transitioning between opportunities. We grew up in different parts of the country, met in Uni, and have been travelling together and doing everything we can to get the most out of life.

In terms of this project, you can take one of us, the other, or both! It’s up to you, and we won’t take it personally if you only want one. Dawn is like the yin, Marra is like the yang, and either side will take you deep into the world of sexual release, joy, intensity, and carnal ecstasy of the mind and the body. Both, of course, is even better!

Going in on this together, we have always been able to help each other improve. Marra thinks Dawn is the sexiest, most bodacious woman on the planet. Dawn marvels at Marra’s mysterious, exotic side. Together, we strive to show you shades of the erotic you did not before realize existed. It’s an aim we almost always manage to achieve as escorts, whether together or apart.

Of course, with this kind of life, we have to keep an open mind. We have a few limits, boundaries, and things we won’t agree to do. But our list of “yes” is a lot bigger than the “no” and it is not even close. You can’t learn without asking. It doesn’t hurt to reach out to us– there are some curiosities Dawn is happy to indulge and others which Marra is thrilled to pursue. Mostly, we are both open-minded enough to give it a shot! We think our bounds are reasonable, but we won’t be offended if what you’ve requested is a bit too far, and we may even be able to point you in the direction of an escort who specializes in that kind of thing.

We are both straight women but that’s not to say we don’t appreciate a range of bodies, and we know how to please all sorts of genders! Maybe one day we’ll settle down, find a man, and start a more “average” life… but it just sounds so boring to us! We have ourselves together, but we are wild women. We love to let loose. To let go. To follow our bodies to the most erotic areas of existence, and to feel that sexual vibration until we can’t take it any longer.

We truly want you to talk to us. Contact us. Let us know your deepest fantasy. Be detailed, be honest, and be explicit. Don’t be afraid of the illicit. Chances are we’ll go there. You’ll never know until you put yourself out there and ask.

Talk soon,

Dawn and Marra